The PrivacySheer™ has been a popular choice for clients who want the softness of a drapery treatment combined with the light control of a vertical. Featuring the best designer sheer fabrics from France, Italy and around the world, a choice of solid or transparent pvc vanes, easy removal of the sheer fabric for laundering, and a choice of the original velcro bottom hem or the new 4" floating bottom hem.


The MysticSheerâ„¢ offers the same great look as our original PrivacySheer™ but with just a little less fullness in the sheers. This reduces the amount of fabric used and therefore reduces the cost.


2" faux wood horizontals Parkland is an extremely durable 100% pvc faux wood blind. Available in both smooth and wood grain textures, Parkland is a great choice for the price conscious consumer and for high humidity installations.

Roller Blinds

From the extremely popular Sheerweave to the traditional 4 ply blackout vinyls, George N. Jackson Limited manufactures roller blinds used extensively in both residential and commercial applications throughout Canada.

1" Aluminum Horizontals

1" aluminum horizontals or "mini blinds" are still one of the best products for controlling light at an affordable price. They are available in a wide range of colours and metallics, and are a great addition to both traditional and modern decor.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are used extensively in residential settings as well as in commercial applications. This product is perfect for patio doors and large windows. Our wide selection offers fabric and PVC choices which run the gamut from basic to trendy.

Cellular Shades

The cellular shade is elegantly stylish as well as energy efficient. Unlike paper like products available on the market, our shades are made from a soft polyester material.

Sensational Side Panels

Side Panel Draperies from all of our digital print fabrics. Individually crafted in Canada.