Eradicable Backlit Awning and Sign Fabric

Eradi-Lite is a laminated, ink-colored fabric made with anti-wicking and mildew resistant polyester scrim.  Its unique composition gives it greater flexibility for quicker and easier eradication - plus it eliminates the usual crazing and wrinkling problems associated with fabrication.  An acrylic top coat protects the fabrics ink colouring from marking, scratching or discolouring; it also makes Eradi-Lite easy to clean and highly resistant to stains, pollution, UV, mildew and rot.  In addition to its eradicable feature this fabric accepts pressure sensitive vinyls, silk screening and hand painting.

Applications include:  Awnings, Canopies, Signs.

Product Characteristics

  • Eradicable Vinyl Coated Polyester with an acrylic top coat
  • 78" wide
  • 17 oz per square yard
  • Wick resistant
  • Craze resistant
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Rot resistant

Meets F/R Specifications

  • NFPA-701
  • California State Fire Marshall

Construction Characteristics

Weight (oz / yd)   17
Width (inches)   78
Thickness (mm)   .46
Tensile  (lbs/in) warp 153
  fill 134
Tear (lbs) warp 28
  fill 22
Seam Slippage (lbs/in) warp 122
  fill 127
Bursting Strength (lbs)   260.9